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Bed Room

Externally, all of our designs can be customized to your size, colour, and texture. If you are not sure about size or need assistance with the bedroom layout we provide a home visit service. During the home visit our expert takes measurements for all the bedroom furniture and can help with layout concerns. Ideally we recommend that a home visit is planned after visiting our showroom. This allows our expert to incorporate your preferences into his or her suggestions.

Another key area when planning bedrooms is wardrobe and other storage internal customization. Internal customization allows you to utilize your space optimally and reduce dead storage spaces. This also means that you organize YOUR space they way YOU want it.

If you need more drawers that's what we give you. If you prefer more hanging to drawers; why not? Need a special space for jewelry or dupattas or ties? Why not?

As our urban areas get denser and our lives busier these details matter. Don't make internal wardrobe customization an after-thought. Enjoy browsing through some of our designs online and come visit us at any of our showrooms when you are ready.

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